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Apolix is Recognised as Platinum Celonis Partner

Apolix is Recognised as Platinum Celonis Partner

Apolix is recognized as Platinum Partner for Celonis. An achievement that highlights we are worldwide one of the best Celonis partners and shows our expertise in the field of process mining.


29 Mar 2022

Apolix is recognized as Platinum Partner for Celonis. An achievement that highlights we are worldwide one of the best Celonis partners and shows our expertise in the field of process mining. 

Platinum Partner

Apolix’s ambition is to be the best in the services we provide, and we have been excelling in this by continuously delivering true business value for our clients. Going from a Certified Celonis Partner to Platinum Partner in a short period is proof of our continuous hard work, fully understanding Celonis, and the ability to translate the value of the data to our clients. Recently, Celonis announced Apolix as one of the most successful and fastest-growing partners globally.


Apolix is a consulting agency specialized in Process Mining. With the vast amount of unused data collected and stored in IT systems, Process Mining uncovers the reality in business processes. We enable businesses to transition towards fact-based decision making, rather than using intuition. Process Mining allows you to pinpoint inefficiencies and deviations with laser precision. Most importantly, the advantage over traditional process excellence approaches is that Process Mining is 100% data-driven. Therefore no matter the complexity, Process Mining can quantify the gap between design and reality.

Intertwined throughout the entire company, are our company philosophies. These are Data-Driven, Transparency, and Business Value.

Apolix Company Values


We believe that every organization should have the opportunity to make fact-based and data-driven decisions. Why store data if you do not make use of it? Apolix creates value from readily available data in your information systems. Gain full transparency and a clear direction for the future with Apolix.


Transparency is in our DNA. Process mining shows what is happening in your business processes, reflecting reality. On top of that, we believe it is important that our customers understand what we do and why we do it. In addition, we don’t use buzzwords, we make complexity simple.

Business Value

Your success is our success. Therefore, Apolix always goes the extra mile to get the optimal result. We help organizations to create value for their business out of readily available and unused data. We go beyond insights and teach our clients to gain the most value and continuously improve their processes.

What Is Celonis?

In short, Celonis helps organizations to execute on their data. Powered by its market-leading process mining core, the Celonis Execution Management System provides a set of applications, a developer studio, and platform capabilities for business executives and users to eliminate billions in corporate inefficiencies, provide a better customer experience and reduce carbon emissions. Celonis has thousands of global customers and is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and New York City, USA with 16 offices worldwide.

What Does a Celonis Partner Do?

Essentially Celonis partners are key to helping customers eliminate execution barriers, maximize execution capacity, and accordingly achieve breakthroughs in business performance. Therefore being a partner explicitly signifies that we offer the best-in-class professional services and software solutions to help our clients to tap the full potential of the Execution Management System.

How Do You Become a Platinum Partner?

In short, the journey to becoming a Platinum Partner consists of several aspects. This is to ensure our dedication to the Celonis ecosystem through contributions in the form of creating customized products for the EMS (Execution Management System). Correspondingly, by bringing clients onto the system. Furthermore, we contribute to the Celonis ecosystem in three different aspects. The subjects are called Create, Market, and Deliver.


Firstly, Create focuses on tangible workable contributions to the Celonis EMS system. These are custom-built apps that solve solutions for specific issues for certain use-cases and create products that enhance the software in general.


Additionally, Celonis looks at how many clients we have implemented the EMS for as well as the successful performance of the implementation. Furthermore, the nature of the licenses is also taken into account.


Additionally, we are assessed for our implementations and the execution thereof. From successful projects and also customer success stories, it all adds up to count towards our partnership level.


In short, the next step in our Celonis partnership is the Titanium level. Of which we will specifically continuously work towards achieving as well as maintaining our current platinum partnership. Furthermore, we see our alliance with Celonis as very fruitful and are steadily working on our internal and external goals to comply with the partnership requirements. At the same time, we invest in our relationship. In conclusion, we particularly looking forward to working with Celonis for many years to come.