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We believe we can be

World class citizens

As responsible citizens of this world, we prioritise sustainability, inclusivity, equality, and diversity in all areas of our work.


Striving for a better world, we pledge 1% of our revenue to donations



Women:men ratio


More trees

Less CO2

All equal

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Apolix pledges 1% of revenue to causes that are forces of positive change.

Projects we’ve donated to

  • Regreener


    € 500


    Regreener fights climate change by planting trees, protecting rainforests, and supporting vital climate projects.

    They have a range of options from helping companies offset emissions to planting trees.


    At Apolix we believe in investing in the future of our planet.

    To date, Apolix has planted 90 trees and has had nine tonnes of carbon compensated – that’s the equivalent of nearly 8.5 flights between Amsterdam and New York CIty!

  • Women in Process Mining


    € 1050


    Apolix believes in gender equality and empowering women in all areas of life, especially women in STEM.

    In support of this, we donated to Women in Process Mining (WIPM), a community for women working in the industry to network, collaborate, and strengthen their leadership skills.


    In sponsoring WIPM, we hope to encourage more women to contribute to the ongoing evolution of our industry.

    We look forward to the day where the process mining industry has a 50:50 gender ratio!

  • Goudse Mixed Hockey Club


    € 250


    Goudse Mixed Hockey Club (GMHC) is a local club who believe that everyone, regardless of ability, age or gender, is welcome to play hockey.

    GMHC also believe that active involvement and a good atmosphere are integral to their community which boasts 600 members.


    One of the core values at Apolix is team. We believe in creating a space where every team member can thrive in a safe, fun, collaborative environment.

    Apolix sponsored GMHC to help ensure future players and members can continue to play in a fun, safe atmosphere.

  • Steunpunt Avalon


    € 500


    Steunpunt Avalon was founded to support young people aged 15-25 in recovery from addiction and mental problems.

    Engaging events, trips, and activities are organised every week to help bring the community together. From cooking and eating together, to group sessions and field trips, Steunpunt Avalon believe that making connections is the best starting point.


    At Apolix, we believe in helping those who need it most, especially disadvantaged youth.

    To support Steunpunt Avalon’s mission, we sponsored the activities program during their trip to the French Ardennes.

  • Emergency Aid Gaza


    € 1500


    In the Gaza Strip, where a 16-year blockade has left the occupied Palestinian territory’s health system severely under-resourced, escalating hostilities with Israel are compounding an already dire situation.

    Over 3 million people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank need urgent humanitarian aid and protection.


    Apolix donated vital funds to help provide food, water, clothing, and medicine to families and individuals caught in the catastrophic Hamas-Israel crossfire.

  • IT4Kids


    € 6450


    Many children in the Netherlands don’t have the opportunity to play sports due to physical or financial challenges. Of the 109,000 children with a physical disability, 70% indicate that they are lonely.

    IT4Kids strives to help vulnerable children play sport, socialise, and exercise. They collect used hardware from companies and donate the value, on behalf of the contributor, to charities committed to creating lasting opportunities for children to develop life skills like cooperation, respect, self-confidence, and discipline.


    One of the core values at Apolix is team. We believe in creating a space where every team member can thrive in a safe, fun, collaborative environment.

    In support of this, we donated much-needed funds so that vulnerable and disadvantaged children have the opportunity to play and practice sports in a safe and fun environment.

Our commitment to creating impactful solutions for our customers also drives our sustainability ambitions. We work to minimise environmental impact, promote sustainability in all areas of business, and contribute towards a greener future.


Is our strength

We recognise and celebrate the unique perspectives that each person brings to the table


We strive to ensure

Every Apolian feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute, regardless of their background or identity


We’re all human

We treat everyone with fairness and dignity, and advocate for equal opportunities and rights for all


The future of the world is in our hands

We pledge 1% of our revenue to donations to help better the current and future state of our planet