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Process Mining

What is process mining?

Process mining is a fully data-driven solution to find, identify, and fix hidden inefficiencies in your processes. It gives an end-to-end overview of processes across all your IT-systems.

Common approaches, such as brown paper sessions and sticky notes are lacking when it comes to pinpointing the issues. Process mining gives you a real-time X-ray of your business. It is a living, breathing picture of how they run in reality.

Gap between design and reality

Organisations spent millions on the implementation of new ERP and CRM systems. Most of these IT systems fail to be used to their fullest potential and fall short of expectations. Gaps between the initial design of a process and its reality make it impossible to pinpoint why processes underperform. Process mining is the solution to remove these inefficiencies.

How does it work

With the vast amount of unused data collected and stored in IT systems, process mining uncovers the reality in business processes. It enables businesses to transition towards fact-based decision making, rather than using intuition. Hence the ability to pinpoint inefficiencies and deviations. In addition, the advantage over traditional process excellence approaches is that this is 100% data-driven. Most importantly, no matter the complexity, process mining is able to quantify the gap between design and reality.

1. Measure

  • Data from IT-systems
  • Real process flow
  • Visualise processes

2. Know

  • Identify inefficiencies
  • Root cause analyses
  • Value framing

3. Act

  • Automate tasks
  • Intelligent actions
  • Process improvement

See how your processes flow in reality

Old way

BI & process mapping
Lengthy, costly
Subjective, partial
One-time understanding

New way

Process mining
Objective, complete
Immediate, Self-Service
Continuously enhancing

Process mining allows you to map your processes as they flow in reality. Thus realtime insights enable continuous improvement and proactive problem solving. Therefore save costs by prioritising automation opportunities and trigger bots and workflows at the exact right moment. In addition, guarantee optimal processes through machine learning models that execute the best next actions in every situation. In short, ensure the best customer satisfaction, major cost savings and a future proof business with this revolutionary technology.

Our toolset

Process discovery

With our process mining tools we create a detailed and comprehensive overview of your processes as-is. Supported by information derived from your internal data infrastructure.

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Compliance checking

In addition, our process mining solution enables maximum process compliance. Thus ensuring compliant approval flows and segregation of duties amongst others. Our solution serves as a control tower for internal audit.

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Process optimisation

No longer rely on intuition, our clients make data-driven decisions that optimise their overall business processes and prevent the needless waste of resources.

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Continuous monitoring

Make your business processes future-proof by continuously monitoring the processes. Foresee violations and bottlenecks, and resolve them accordingly.

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Alexander Stromberg

Rather speak to us directly?

Alexander Stromberg

+31 10 880 00 80

Process Mining

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