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Process Mining for Customer Service – Rework

Process Mining for Customer Service – Rework

Joost Hermans

COO Apolix

In our fourth process mining webinar we delve into the customer service department. You learn how to identify major problems in your process, such as rework. Moreover, we assess the impact of rework on the business and its root causes.  This video is part of our series covering various process mining use-cases for different departments. Find out what use-cases we discuss next in our webinar agenda! Furthermore, the previous webinars delved into the finance and manufacturing departments. Click here to learn all about maverick buying, compliance checking and adherence to schedule!

Rework in Customer Service

We start by showing the ease of creating an objective and transparent overview of your process with process mining. We discover the customer service process with a total of 1123 variants, indicating a high improvement potential. Furthermore, the activity ‘change technician’ is a rework activity with a major impact of the business. Namely, it occurs 27,000 times over a 1.5-year timespan, which is about 50 times a day! Additionally, these 27,000 activities have to be done manual 84% of the time, which shows the significant impact on the business.

In order to decrease the changes in technicians, we search for the root causes of the issue. Process mining enables you to find the root causes of major problems with incredible speed. Consequently, we immediately found that the planning group in Rotterdam and Karlsruhe are responsible for a significant amount of rework. Therefore, we benchmarked the Amsterdam plant with Rotterdam in order to learn from each other’s best practices and, thus, improving the entire process.

Process Mining with Apolix

Apolix helps your organisation further with our specialisation in process mining. If you have any questions regarding this webinar or process mining in general, do not hesitate to reach out or request a demo! Can’t wait to get started with process mining yourself? Start your own process mining adventure in Celonis Snap with the help of this video! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay updated on all our videos!