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Process Mining for Finance – Compliance Checking In Order-To-Cash


CEO & Founder Apolix


02 Jun 2020

This is our the second webinar out of a series of process mining webinars that show specific use-cases for various departments. Today we cover compliance checking in order-to-cash. In the previous webinar, we covered the use-case of process mining to identify maverick buying in the purchase to pay process. Check the video here! Furthermore, we posted the webinar agenda for the upcoming videos from this series. In each webinar, we explain a specific topic in about 6 minutes. Click here to see the agenda.

For this webinar, we dive into the order-to-cash process, by covering three topics. Firstly, we show how to identify non-compliance in the order-to-cash process. Afterwards, we find the root causes of the non-compliance, a powerful feature of the Celonis platform. Lastly, we explain how process mining helps you to prevent the non-compliance in the future, with the help of the Action Engine.

At Apolix we are specialised in process mining and are excited to help your organisation further. If you have any questions regarding this webinar or process mining in general, do not hesitate to reach out or request a demo! Can’t you wait to get started with process mining yourself? In this video, we help you to get started with your own process mining adventure in Celonis Snap.

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