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How to Get Started With Process Mining – Celonis Snap

How to Get Started With Process Mining – Celonis Snap

Joost Hermans

COO Apolix

The numerous blogs, articles and webinars on the internet show the wide range of benefits process mining has to offer to your organisation. Nevertheless, it is more fun to explore this powerful tool with your own data. That is why we made a guide on how to start with process mining in Celonis Snap! Celonis Snap is the free version of the Celonis process mining platform. Check out this video to get started in no-time.

In this video we cover three topics. Firstly, the concept and applications of process mining.  How to get started in Celonis Snap, and how Apolix can support your organisation. This video gives a step-by-step tutorial, in which we cover the following:

  • The three minimum data requirements
  • How to upload data into the Celonis Snap environment
  • How to prepare your data
  • How to start your analysis with pre-build dashboards
  • How to create your own dashboard
  • A finished process mining dashboard

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Interested to see where process mining can add value in your organisation? Apolix is specialised in process mining, so do not hesitate to contact us! As specialists with a background in business, Apolix looks further than the data as we also take the human aspect into account. We would love to give a demo to you and your colleagues, you can request this demo here!

We use the Celonis Snap platform regularly for demo purposes or quick analyses. One of the reasons Apolix uses it instead of other software is the easy to use interface, the secure cloud environment and the free online training. You can sign up for Celonis Snap here and get started with process mining right away!