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Process Mining for Manufacturing – Adherence to Schedule

Process Mining for Manufacturing – Adherence to Schedule



In today’s third webinar we are looking at a process mining for manufacturing use-case. More specifically, we dive into the adherence to schedule in the production process. This video is part of our web series covering various process mining use-cases among different departments. You can find the link our last two webinars on the finance department, here. In these webinars you will learn how to identify maverick buying in the purchase to pay process and how to examine compliance in your order to cash process. Curious to our future webinars? You can find our webinar agenda here!

Adherence to Schedule

Today’s webinar is about adherence to schedule in the production process. Your produced goods are finished either on time, too late or too early. Your customer will not receive the too late produced goods on time. Consequently, you missed the communicated delivery date leading to all kinds of repercussions. On the other hand, finishing before schedule also costs your business significant amounts of money. Until the shipping date, the goods are stored in your plant or warehouse, increasing your warehouse costs.

The video first identifies the early and late produced orders, showing a major problem in the production process. Afterwards we show how intuitively you can find the root causes of these great issues. The last and most important part is preventing this violation from happening in the future. We use the Action Engine to identify ongoing production order that are statistically prone to have this issue.

Process Mining with Apolix

Apolix helps your organisation further with our specialisation in process mining. If you have any questions regarding this webinar or process mining in general, do not hesitate to reach out or request a demo! Can’t wait to get started with process mining yourself? Start your own process mining adventure in Celonis Snap with the help of this video! Want to stay updated on all our videos, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!