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Apolian Spotlight: Ashley Kalila Meijer

Apolian Spotlight: Ashley Kalila Meijer

As our People & Culture Manager, Ashley is often the first person you meet when you begin your Apolix journey. She ensures everything we do lives up to our values of transparency, value, team, and citizenship.

Often described as the heart and sunshine of the team, Ashley is responsible for maintaining our fun, safe, and collaborative culture where everyone is included.


12 Mar 2024

What is your job title and what does it mean?

I am the People & Culture Manager at Apolix. Simply put, I am constantly looking for superstars to join our team while working to maintain our culture. My role also involves constantly improving our internal processes, ensuring our Apolians have access to any and all information they may need. Separate from my role, I’m also the Apolix confidant. This is a role I take seriously as it means I support my colleagues with anything they might be dealing with – personally or professionally. As confidant, it’s my duty to help our Apolians work through anything they’re going through and remind them that we’re in it together. I am always here to have a chat with someone.

How long have you been at Apolix for?

I started as Talent Engineer back in November 2021. However, I recently just started as the People & Culture Manager in January 2024. So it’s been nearly two and-a-half-years as an Apolian!

How would you explain process mining to a five-year-old?

Woah. Good question. Okay, I’ll try my best.

You’ve just lost your favourite book that you read every night before going to sleep. So, your mum goes to buy you a new one online. She puts it in her shopping basket, pays for it with her credit card, and then the book arrives on your doorstep the next day. This is the best, most efficient way for this to happen. However, in the real world, we know that this doesn’t always happen. You might get the wrong book, several copies of it, or it takes longer to get to you.

Process mining looks at where things are going wrong. It examines ways to improve the process so you get the right book, at the right time, straight to your doorstep so you can get back to sleeping peacefully.

What does a typical day as an Apolian look like for you?

The great thing about Apolix is our flexibility. If anyone feels unwell or offbeat, they’re able to work from home until they feel better. At Apolix, we prioritise working to your energy levels so everyone’s working day looks slightly different. My day is a good mix of meetings with colleagues as the confidant but also to work on internal projects. I try to go on a short walk & talk with a colleague every day (even better when one of the office dogs joins us!). Our office is just a short 15 minute bike ride from my home so I am at the office nearly every day.

How did you come to work at Apolix?

This is a funny story! I was working at the reception desk of the office building where Apolix is based. Due to covid, I was working on my own a lot at reception so I got to know the co-founders, Alex and Joost, very well. Often, they would take the time to come and have a coffee with me and we would chat and get to know each other. I didn’t see Apolix as a potential place to work until I dreamt that I worked there. When I told the co-founders, we had a good chuckle about it and went about our day. A few months later, they asked if I would like to apply for the Talent Engineer role and that’s how I started as an Apolian!

Co-founder and CEO, Alex Stromberg, and Ashley in the Rotterdam office

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The people. I always call myself an extra-extravert as I love getting to know people and hearing their story. One of the things I love in my role is having contact with my colleagues and potential Apolians – that’s probably my favourite thing.

What do you enjoy most about working at Apolix?

Besides the people, it would have to be a split between the growth opportunities and the passion and dedication my colleagues have for our work and each other. We really are a tribe and everyone really looks after one another.

Do you have a favourite memory at Apolix? What is it?

Oh, I have so many… But one that definitely stands out, is the very first Apolix gala earlier this year. We played games during the day and then in the evening, everyone got dressed up and we had a lovely dinner before we danced the night away. Core memories were made that day!

Apolians at the inaugural Gala dinner in January 2024

Which of Apolix’s four values (transparency, team, impact, and citizenship) is the most important to you and why?

Transparency! It’s a value that I live by myself and really encourage with all my colleagues.

What is one goal, either personal or professional, that you have for the future?

To make Apolix the employer of the future. We just recently got our Great Place To Work certification, which is amazing as it shows our dedication to maintaining our culture and living our values. Of course, there are things that we do need to improve on so we are working hard to make that happen!

Interested in learning more about what it’s like to work at Apolix? Connect with Ashley on LinkedIn.