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Optimise your procurement process to improve spend management, supplier reliability and achieve compliant processes.

Spend management

Improve labour productivity

Master data management

Best in class procurement

Deep dive into the performance of specific suppliers , contract usage and spend, as well compliance standards in your procurement process. Apolix provides the expertise and data-driven insights to understand the improvement opportunities in your procurement process in order to adapt to volatile supply chain environments. From analysing supplier performance to monitoring inflation, improving contract usage and enhancing process compliance, Apolix brings your procurement process to the next level.


Procurement departments are often faced with the issue of supplier reliability, as orders are not always delivered on time or in the right quantity, leading to operational disruptions and financial losses. Additionally, low contract-usage or non-revised payment terms have a direct negative impact on an organisation’s cash flow, resulting in inefficient spend management.  Lastly, non-compliant procedures such as maverick buying or free-text orders create manual rework, resulting in longer throughput times. In short, bad performing suppliers, non-compliant steps as well as outdated contracts stand in the way of a robust procurement process.

Our solution

Centralised process analysis

By analysing the procurement process over time, organisations obtain an end-to-end visualisation of their real-life process. This allows organisations to measure throughput times, identify reoccurring inefficiencies and determine process improvements.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring allows organisations to identify non-complaint cases as they happen and immediately take action. Real-time monitoring may also include the supervision of raw material prices to make informed procurement decisions.

Master data assessment

The procurement process relies on its master data quality to run smoothly. Pin point master data issues that are creating manual rework in the procurement process. This allows organisations to tackle a common root-cause of inefficient processes.

Process automations

Automation can include alerts based on non-compliant events in the process, or the automatic matching of purchase orders with existing contracts. The automation of redundant manual tasks leads to a less rework-prone process and cost savings.