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Apolian Spotlight: Noel Vasanth

Apolian Spotlight: Noel Vasanth

As a Senior Process Intelligence Consultant, Noel finds insights hidden within our customers’ processes to make them more efficient. With his passion for coding, programming, and escape rooms, he uses his innovative and creative thinking to find the best solutions for our customers.

Read the interview to learn why culture is integral to Apolix’s mission and why transparency is the most important value for Noel.


02 May 2024

What is your role at Apolix?

I am a Senior Process Intelligence Consultant. This means I help derive insights from customers’ processes on how to make them more efficient.

I spent my entire schooling building cool tech gadgets and even cooler programs, so being able to turn my passion for coding and programming into a profession has been really fulfilling. Building custom apps and AI products for our customers is one of the best parts of my role.

How long have you worked at Apolix?

I have now worked here for just under 1.5 years.

How would you explain process mining to a five-year-old?

Alright, imagine you have a big box of colourful blocks, and you like to build things with them. Now, let’s say you want to build a tall tower with the blocks – how do you do it? Do you start with the red blocks or the blue blocks? Can you build a taller one? A shorter one?

Process mining is like having a magic map that shows you exactly how to build your creations. It looks at all the steps you have to take and helps you understand if there’s a better way to build them.

It’s like having a super smart friend who can help you play even better!

Why did you join Apolix?

Apolix was a bright white light in an otherwise dull job market for me.

Being an international student requiring a visa and unable to speak Dutch, there were not a lot of fun, creative, challenging, and diverse places to work in the Netherlands. I was very fortunate when our People & Culture Manager, Ashley, introduced me to Apolix.

When I joined, I immediately felt a sense of value and belonging. The first thing that caught my attention was the culture – everyone is approachable and warm. And I loved the fact that I could take initiative, even as a newcomer.

The Apolix gala dinner

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Following on from one of my previous answers, I enjoy everything to do with programming. Given my education and expertise, I’ve found myself in a unique position at Apolix as I love using Python and Celonis to my advantage to create innovative and out-of-the-box solutions. Recently, this meant developing a GenAI use-case for our customers.

What do you enjoy most about working at Apolix?

I’ve never seen another company like Apolix. I feel so taken care of by the people around me – every effort is recognised and appreciated which keeps me motivated and challenged to be the best I can be.

Apolix culture is truly one of a kind. From work trips abroad, full of enriching and fun experiences, to “gezellig” nights in the office building Lego together, Apolians make everyone feel welcome and included.

I would say that even though it rains a lot in the Netherlands, there is never a rainy day inside the Apolix office.

Noel giving some Apolians a demonstration

What is your favourite memory at Apolix?

My favourite memory at Apolix is when I went with a small team to a customer in France. We were given a tour of the factory which gave us greater insight into their inner workings. We had to wear industrial safety gear and were able to witness trouble areas firsthand which helped us highlight the ways in which we could help.

The trip was extremely purposeful and fruitful as we ended up helping the customer in several areas – contributing to their overall key business objectives.

Are there any projects you’re currently working on that excite you?

Yes, I am working on GenAI implementations for a company to automate a subprocess for them. I’m really excited about the new technologies available, and sometimes I find myself exploring their potential even in my free time.

Noel with fellow Apolians after winning a hackathon

Which of Apolix’s four values (transparency, team, impact, and citizenship) resonates most with you and why?

Transparency is the most important value to me because I’m an open book. People often say it feels as though they’ve known me forever even though we’ve just met.

Transparency is something I admire in a workplace so it’s great to see Apolix takes it seriously. From hiring new people, to announcing new deals, transparency is ingrained in Apolix’s DNA.

What is one goal, either personal or professional, that you have for the future?

A personal goal I have is that I would love to tell jokes at an open mic night. I’ve always loved comedy but I’ll admit the idea terrifies me.

Life is all about facing your fears though, and stepping outside my comfort zone (no matter how big or small) is something I consider an achievement so maybe one day soon!