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Get Started with the Action Engine – Celonis Snap

Get Started with the Action Engine – Celonis Snap

Joost Hermans

COO Apolix

This is the second video to help you get started with Celonis Snap. In the first video, you learned how to upload the right data into Celonis Snap and build your first dashboard. Your analysis gives insights into the process flow, its inefficiencies, violations and root causes. Watch this video and get started with the Action Engine!

Take process mining to the next level with the Action Engine

Process mining empowers your organisation to continuously improve your business processes. You can take actions with the Celonis Action Engine based on the findings from your dashboard. This video teaches you to set up Action Engine skills to help underperforming employees become more efficient. Moreover, you do this by creating signals each time the employee has perform the task he is slow at. Lastly, teachers can send a meeting invitation to assist the employee in these signals.

Learn everything you need to know about the Action Engine in this video! Furthermore, we cover two other Action Engine use-cases in our second and third webinar. These teach you about preventing violating activities from happening in both a order-to-cash and manufacturing process.

Get started with process mining

Are you interested to see where process mining can add value in your organisation? Apolix is specialised in process mining, so reach out to joost(@) We differentiate ourselves from the big firms with our personal attention and care to reach your goals. So request our process mining whitepaper or a demo for you and your colleague!

We regularly use the Celonis Snap platform for demo’s and analyses. One of the reasons Apolix uses it instead of other software is the easy to use interface, the secure cloud environment and the free online training. You can sign up for Celonis Snap here and get started with process mining right away!